Port scupper hose installed - all done

Beginning of April  2016 - Anchored in Barra-Bahia de Navidad lagoon, Mexico

Now that the scupper/drain 3M 4000 UV sealant has dried, it's time to install the hose.  This side is easier since we already replaced the main cockpit drain hose several years ago.

This is the cockpit drain hose Debbie cut to insert the "Y".  It was a little challenging 
as there wasn't too much excess hose and the hull was "right" there!

Debbie in the lazarette....again!

Debbie is moving the Beta engine 2" water muffler exhaust hose out of the way.

"Y" is in-place.

This is next to the 3\4" propane locker vent thru-hull we installed previously.

Debbie is installing the hose to the scupper\drain from the "Y" to the deck.

Looking up to the deck inside the lazerett - 
this is the underside of the refer compressor. 

Debbie is connecting the 1 1\2" drain hose to the deck scupper\drain.

Almost done. The hose comes close the Frigoboat refer evaporator 
plate tubing. It does not come close enough to worry about and that is a relief.

"Y" is all done.

The "Y" with hoses attached and hose clamps tidy with "Clamp-aids"!

Drain hose heading up.

Deck scupper\drain with hose connected, all done.


Putting propane box back together.

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