Starboard scupper hoses connected and working

Beginning of April 2016 - Anchored in Barra-Bahia de Navidad lagoon, Mexico

The saga continues...

We tried using the foam emergency thru-hull plug on the cockpit drain thru-hull but it is too big. We could cut off the tip and use it but when you try stuffing the tip into the thru-hull on the outside it wants to float up and away. Should have gotten a smaller one. This is one of our larger thru-hulls at 1 1\2 inch.

So we used a wood plug but probably did not need one at all.

This as far as the water came up. We have lowered our water line also. Of course, if we were sailing\heeling the water would come up a lot more.

Hose disconnected.

Debbie is putting the new hose on.

Debbie has got this starboard cockpit thru-hull hose on the thru-hull.

Debbie is trying to get off the hose clamp from the cockpit drain. It seems it was put on as they made the boat because it is hard to get at the screw on the clamp!

Old cockpit drain and hose.

Debbie at work in the starboard lazerett.

Debbie handing out the old cockpit drain hose.

The old cockpit drain hose.

Debbie has got this starboard cockpit thru-hull hose hose on the thru-hull.
The other one you see is the emergency bilge pump and we replaced that hose years ago. (Notice the "Clamp-aid" hose clamp end guards - these red beauties really save the hands from getting cut should you reach into a lazarette and hit one of these!!)

Debbie sizing up the "Y" and the hose to the cockpit drain.

Me cutting the hose per Debbie's measurements.

The new hose connected to the new deck drain.

The "Y" all installed.

The "Y" all installed.

The "Y" all installed.

The old hose had a hole in it. 

The hole was by a hose clamp and probably did not leak much when we heeled over to starboard. It is still a hole and the hose was installed in 1978 so it is past time for replacement.

All done!

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