Port scupper put in the deck

Beginning of April  2016 - Anchored in Barra-Bahia de Navidad lagoon, Mexico

We used the same method for putting in the port scupper\drain as we did the starboard one.

The propane locker we took out as you can see 
and Debbie is removing the propane locker mounting brackets.
Debbie in the  port lazerett taking out the propne box brackets.
Out come the "L" propane locker support brackets .
The spot will be by the middle cap rail screw and in towards the center of the boat about 8".
The tubing is the evaporator plate for our Frigboat refer system.

Debbie put up some plastic sheeting to protect the refer from dust and debris.
The spot on the deck where we will put the drain.
Drilling the pilot hole.
Drilling the pilot hole.
Debbie holding up a piece of wood to protect the tubing 
or anything else while I drill the pilot hole.
Now to drill through with the hole saw.
We are at anchor and being careful with the hole saw.
Here we go.
Looking up at the hole.
A clean cut and no miss-steps.
The second hole cut from the deck.
Now we use the "Dremmel" tool and the "Hice" tool to create the chamfer.
Try a fit with the drain.
Getting close.
The "Hice" tool. 
So named because our son-in-law made this tool for us 
and his last name is Hice.
                                                   The "Hice" tool. video.

"Hice"  tool at work.
Another fitting and almost there.
Debbie clearing out the plastic sheeting. 
The drain is fit and ready to 3M 4000 UV in.
There it is.
Looking up to the deck.

Now for the 3M 4000 UV

Debbie working the 3M 4000 UV from the lazerett.
The scupper\drain is all in now. We wait 24 hours to connect to it with hoses.
Some clean up as I am a bit messy.
All done!
Debbie is all done in the lazrett!

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