Spectra Watermaker Ventura 200T Deluxe - Cylinder cracked, again!

Mid-February 2015 - Anchored at La Ropa Beach in Zihuatanejo, Mexico

We decided to check out what was causing the leak in the Spectra Watermaker Ventura 200T Deluxe Watermaker so we pulled the unit out from under the settee.  Initially, we thought it might just be the o-rings at the check-valve ports - one of the more common places.  

Debbie with all the tools of her "trade" - 
watermaker apart and cylinder in hand!

Spectra Watermaker Ventura 200T Deluxe

This is the piston inside the cylinder...the check valves on the left side.

This is the other side, showing the piston seal.

Here are the check valve o-rings 
which get replaced.  (The brass fittings are where 
the allen-head bolts screw into 
to hold the cylinder onto the center block.) 

This picture shows the center block 
cylinder o-ring, which also get replaced.

At least Debbie keeps her sense of humor 
during these tough projects...art out of the o-rings!

The photos that follow show the inside of the cylinders (there are two).  They are ceramic. The cylinder on the left is good and the cylinder on the right appears to have a crack.  We have been in touch with tech support at Spectra and have arranged to have a new cylinder shipped to a cruiser-friend's mom's house for when she gets there and comes back next week.  Hopefully, this will fix the leak and the water maker can go back to making water efficiently.  We can still make water in it's current condition, it's just not very efficient due to the leak.

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