Acapulco "Marina Performance". Marina

Middle of February anchored at La Ropa Beach in Zihuatanejo, Mexico 2015

When we were in Acapulco in January 2015, we took a dingy ride around some of the marinas. As you can tell by now we are not really marina people, we prefer to anchor. Here in Mexico, it could be people like the "gated community" aspect of the marinas?

All the marinas are med-moor ties. They have non-floating cement docks.

These are boats that are med-moored at Marina Performance.
We stopped in here to go to the bank on shore.

There are small floating docks like swim platforms that are used to climb down to then pull it over to your boat to board your boat.

There was this nice ladder for Debbie to climb to go up to land.

Once at the top, she could walk up to the street, cross over and 
the bank was right there.  (We needed more pesos to pay 
the paddleboard repair "guy" Rudolfo!)

The boats are med-moored, with heavy line to the cement pier behind them.

Two stern lines each side and a set of bow lines going to a mooring ball which is attached to a big cement block.

This view is looking toward the Pemex fuel dock and 
the cruise ship dock beyond that.  The marina seemed pretty full!

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