Our mooring ball in Acapulco

Middle of February 2015 - Zihuatanejo  anchored at La Ropa Beach

This is when we were on the mooring ball for a few days in late January 1\25\2015

After getting kicked out of our anchoring area in Acapulco we went over by the marinas and got a mooring ball. The lines on the mooring ball we huge. We figured we would not drag because the lines meant a bigger boat would use it :)  The next morning at about 4:00 am when it was dead calm we heard a BAM,BAM etc on our hull. It sounded as though the mooring ball was coming right through! We decided to put out a stern anchor to hold us off the ball. The stern anchor ended up dragging because it got caught up in old fish net and other debris. BAM Bam again.  So then we put our own smaller lines on the ball. This helped and helped keep the critters off the boat. The crabs etc would sun on the mooring ball and then climb up the big line super highway to out deck. The mooring ball was easy to pick up and real easy to head off on another passage from. We only had two-three days on it so we used our old dinghy landing rather than search out another new one. That was our first time on a mooring ball. It was easy but we need to figure a way to keep it off our hull.

Big lines on deck cleats, starboard side is reduced to a smaller dock line we have to fit the cleat.
 mooring lines on deck.

s\v Patricia Belle at her mooring ball with us in Acapulco.

Another locals beach.

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