Re-located the Spectra Ventura 200T Water maker

Anchored in Zihuatanejo February 2015.

October 2014 - Paradise Village Marina, Banderas Bay Mexico

This is back in July of 2104 during the summer - Re-located the Spectra Ventura 200T Water maker

To get to the Spectra water maker and the back flush without too much hassle we installed a small hatch in the top wood of the settee for access. Where the water maker is located underneath where the double bed is. The top folds out to make the settee into a bed. This means there are two tops on top of the compartment where the water maker is. To make it a simple "reach in" we needed a second hatch.

OK we got great progress done on our relocating and plumbing fixes for our Spectra water maker. In fact we are about ready for the testing. Now the water maker should be much easier to service and run much quieter.

 Debbie also removed one of the cylinders from the Clark pump and put in a new seal. We had a leak in that area and Debbie guessed it was the cause. Debbie is the water girl and takes care of the Spectra water maker and knows it well.

We removed this Shurflo pump assembly with filter to under the settee.

We are removing the accumulator tank and other gear plus 
wiring and plumbing for re-location.

Pre-filter being moved.

Shurflo pump assembly with filter.

The locker by the settee is going to house the need to get to gear 
for changing filters and cleaning sea strainer etc.

Hard at work.

In this cabinet we now have the sea strainer and the pre-filter 
for the Spectra Ventura 200T water maker

These white fittings that came with the Spectra Ventura 200T Water maker are total junk. Please do yourself a favor and replace them with quality 5\8 fittings before you do the install.

New location for Shurflo pump etc.

We also installed a light as shown. 

                        The locker by the settee is now housing the filters and sea strainer etc.

Re-located the through hull and valve for the Spectra Ventura 200T Water maker 
here so it is now over ten feet closer to the Spectra Ventura 200T Water maker and Shurflo pump and is 3\4" hose to sea strainer instead of 1\2".

The leaks we had we fixed during the re-install. 

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