Acapulco "Club de Yates de Acapulco" - Acapulco Yacht Club Marina

Acapulco Yacht Club Marina

This mooring field is at the entrance to the Yacht Club.

A sleek-looking silver-gray power boat moored in the marina basin! 
There are places to anchor in the marina basin but it is 40+ feet deep.

Marina basin where there are a lot of mooring balls.

"Club de Yates de Acapulco" - Acapulco Yacht Club Marina

Some of the condo buildings around the Acapulco Yacht Club Marina area.

More med ties.

Empty mooring for a med tied boat.

Large and small.

A small basin which leads to the little bridge below.
You can see the large cement blocks on the bottom
 that hold the mooring balls for the bow ties up.

By the Acapulco Yacht Club Marina main club house area.

Some smaller boats in the marina.

Some smaller boats in the marina. Found it interesting 
that there were two similar power-cats!

Not so small.

Starboard SUP like the one I have - only ours is inflatable.

Boat yard facilities.

There is a nice fuel dock at the Acapulco Yacht Club Marina but they want to only fuel up Acapulco Yacht Club Marina boats. It has a small turn around area for a basin but we heard of larger boats fueling no problem, can we say bow thrusters?

Acapulco Yacht Club Marina is probably the most expensive marina in Acapulco also.
 We had friends on s\v Elizabeth Jean (Eric and Eulalie) were charged $3.00 USD a foot. Yikes!!

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