Acapulco "Sponge Bob" bus ride

Acapulco - middle of January 2015

Mike and Holly on s\v Wanuskewin call the buses here in Acapulco “Crazy Buses” and we can see why. They seem to drive crazy for one thing. Stopping at times for traffic that will separate a mother from her kids! They also are often times decorated with a theme. Like the one we took, it was the “SpongeBob SquarePants” theme. 

Going through downtown Acapulco .

The narrow roadway is filled with these buses along with taxis!!

Unless they have A/C they ride around with the doors open. 
They do that all over Mexico...usually with someone hanging out.

We think the color may be related to the route they travel but are not sure. Our first bus ride took us to the “Locals” marina area where we were scouting a banana boat repair person for our paddle board. We were successfully in that quest!  

Then we took a bus to the movies that went through downtown area which was fun.

 It took us through the “not touristy area” of downtown which was fun. Even when we were by the main beach area and large hotels we only saw about a dozen gringos. 

There are Batman, Spiderman, Marvel and Men in Black themes as well. 

See "OXXO" is the background - this is like "7-11" in the States

Most local’s here only speak Spanish which is good because Debbie is wanting to practice her Spanish. I am like a dear in the headlights as we order food or investigate the locals hang outs.

Me on the “SpongeBob SquarePants” bus ride with Debbie.

Our “SpongeBob SquarePants” bus ride back from the VIP movies.

SpongeBob SquarePants” bus ride with Debbie.

On the way back from the movies we took another bus.

More often than not you see scooters with 3-5 people on them :) Mexico is a fun place!
This is on the road that parallels the beach.

At night the buses are decorated with a lot of lights. Some flashing and the whole front of the buss could be rotating colors!

 Our camera is not so good for night photography.

For the most comfy ride take one of these yellow buses. Nicely upholstered and plenty of AC for just a one more peso.

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