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Beginning of August- Paradise Village Marina in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Last Thursday we got up at 6:00AM and took the bus(s) two of them to the IMSS clinic in PV.
 We then had our lab work done. There was a long line, at least a hundred people but it went real fast. We were out of there in less than an hour.
Then Friday we took the two bus ride same time and got our chest x ray taken. They just handed it to us :)
IMSS hospital in PV.

IMSS hospital looking out onto the street.
Then today we took the to bus ride to the clinic and found out our appointment was at the hospital which was another bus ride into PV. We got there and the lab tech who was doing the EKG said we were not on his list but with a smile he did them any way. That was after a 45 minute wait.

Debbie with our interpreter, Julio (Antoinetta was our first interpreter and this is her boyfriend as she was not available due to her work schedule) at the clinic.

We did get serenaded along the way, not guitar player standing in bus.

Then back to the two bus ride clinic which we made a one bus ride by taking the PTL bus. then an exam and we are finally done. In a week or two we will know if we get in and cards or not.

Looking in the waiting room for various services at the clinic. They have several of these.

Down the hall in the clinic.
Pharmacy at the clinic.
At some bus stops you can buy different items to eat and drink. We usually do get something. Also there are clowns and mariachis at this one waiting for buses to entertain.


And there are LOTS of buses!
After the IMSS we wet to lunch at a place near by.
Once inside the place opens to be a big are with shops and food and fish market etc.

Fish market, a new take on Nemo :)

We ate here and that is my Torta on the counter.
Debbie in front of the tortilla factory.
Then we went down the street to the fabric store, one bus ride :).
Debbie came out with some Velcro. They did not have any outdoor fabric.
Just another day in the hood!




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  1. Interesting pictures of your excursions. How have you found prices of items to be compared to what you were paying in San Diego?