August weather here in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Beginning of August- Paradise Village Marina in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

The weather here in Puerto Vallarta Mexico in August is supposed to average:

About 72% humidity and 38 inches of rain with average temp at 91 deg..

So far this summer we have not really been uncomfortable.

There is another boat here now that came down from the sea. They were in Puerto Escondido where they said it was 100 deg at 7:00 AM and never a breeze all day. There was nothing to do so very boring.
 They came here at Paradise Village Marina and are happy. They purchased a window AC unit and put it in their hatch. They said it took four days to get the boat temperature down. They say it keeps the boat only tolerable temperature-wise and runs all the time. Now would a bigger one fit in the hatch? Could they have two?

 There is another boat, the 47 ‘Chouy Lee which has no AC just a big fan. They do quite well.

There is a Catalina 30 that has no AC and does fine.
There is another sail boat without AC and they are surviving. SO it can be done without AC.

 If you are considering coming to Mexico and staying then I would strongly suggest at least one AC unit.

We ran our 5200 Mermaid AC unit every night and some nap times and some times ran the 12000 BTU unit in the salon to watch movies etc. Not too often but I imagine we will run it more for the next couple of months.

Our electric bill for July was $72.00 USD. We did very well on that.
There is usually a breeze here in the late morning through the afternoon and actually it is comfortable.

We do have neighbors on a CC sail boat 42’ that stay in the boat all the time and have a window AC unit in the companionway. Quite hard to climb in and out of the boat. Seeing as they are inside most of the time it probably does not matter.

So there are all different types of getting along in the summer here.
Here at Paradise Village Marina we usually go to an AC area about 4:00PM to take showers and do some internet. There are lots of free laces to hang out.

We are quite happy with our arrangements and like the thunder and lighting. It was fun the other day when we were on the bus and it was raining hard and thunder and lightning all over.

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  1. I was wondering what you two did with your evenings. Jan reads a lot, but would probably miss TV. I don't read much except for things that can teach me something, and I like TV at times too. I guess playing a game on my laptop would help wile away the evening, or a DVD until I saw them all.