Boise speaker wired up

Beginning of August  - Paradise Village Marina in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

We had purchased a 12v adapter for the Boise speaker we use for TV\stereo use. It is a great sounding speaker and can run off shore power or on battery. We also can take out it to the cockpit to watch movies under the stars with the lap top. The laptop connects to the speaker with Blue Tooth, so no wires to mess with. We also use it to watch movies on the 27” LED TV we have. The battery tends to go dead in the middle of the move because we forget to charge it from time to time. To resolve this we purchased the 12v adapter to connect to our house batteries and the speaker so it would be charged all the time.

 Debbie had to cut the wires off the cigarette lighter adapter and she saved that. Doing that meant she needed to add a 5 amp blade fuse. We like the blade fuses verses the glass. Then she had to extend the wires and add the solder-less terminal ends. That took measuring the wires out and engineering the installation.

The speaker sits up on our book shelf. That meant a hole behind the fiddle for the connecting wire. A hole down behind the settee for the battery wires and then placing the converter on the bulkhead. All out-of-sight and secured. Of course that meant moving lots of stuff, drilling, screwing, heat shrinking etc.

You know the drill (pun intended) J

The new setup.
Getting ready to drill a pilot hole after checking under the settee for placement. You can see the hole saw she will use later.
After drilling the pilot hole and checking for location Debbie drills the hole using a hole saw.

After that hole is made Debbie double checks for layout and location and
fit of converter again.
Debbie drills a pilot hole behind the fiddle in the book case above the settee.
Happy with that hole she drilled the real Mc Coy. This hole will be out-of-sight so no ouch :)

Debbie installs the 12v converter.
Nicely done, now to finish the wiring.
Now that the plug is snaked up to the speaker the wires need to go to the house batteries.
Debbie snaking the wires down.
Not a lot of room.
Still smiling, Debbie likes to be an electrician, it is clean work and requires
the precision she likes.
Connecting to the neg 600 amp buss.
We have two 600 amp buses yet to install and will make this a little better organized.
Next project :).

Not like you can really see the wires but they are connected and wa la the speaker let out beep to say it is happy to be getting charged!
Another job well done by the Willis clan.


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  1. What did Debbie do before retiring? She seems like a very hands on person.