August weather here in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Beginning of August- Paradise Village Marina in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

 Well, I talked to our neighbors who have a 42' sail boat and a window AC unit. They said that after the four days of cooling the boat down it does do a decent job of making the boat livable. They keep it on low and run it 24\7. They bought the smallest and least expensive one at Home Depot.
Electrical cables.
It's lunch time, break from power washing the cables.
Now it may not be so great today as we are without shore power all day as they are working on the docks :) I bailed to Starbucks for a bit :) and Debbie is doing some laundry in the AC laundry here in the shopping center. That is another feature of Paradise Village for us at the marina - there are plenty of free places we can go that no purchase is needed to sit around in the AC. We play card games and Yahtzee in the hospitality suite with other cruisers and there is a kitchen and nice showers etc there also.

 This last Sunday night we went to the welcome party. They have it every Sunday night and it is always free. Free drinks and food and raffle prizes. They have audience participation games and the hotel puts on some dance shows etc. Always fun. And so it goes in paradise!

 Today I made it out of the channel to the beach side on the paddleboard. Fell off three times but who cares - the water is in the eighties at least!

Some days are like this:
Get up and take a beach walk or paddleboard.
Back at the boat have coffee and breakfast and it's about 9:00 AM.
Do boat projects till we get tired of them say about 1:00 PM.
Siesta in the cockpit and Debbie lounges in the salon with the fan on. There usually is a nice breeze.
About 3:00 PM we have had enough lounging and go up to the hospitality suite (HPS) for some free high speed  WiFi. We have a locker there in the HPS so we leave our computer gear etc there. Then after a of coupe hours we head to the pools and Jacuzzi or lounge on the beach under a shady palapa. They are nice because we need to bring nothing, maybe our Kindles and read or surf the web some more as there is WIFi at the beach also. The lounge chars are provided and so are regular reclining teak chairs. Also straw mats  if you like. We can also get boogy boards and foam surf boards for free. If we want we can order food and charge it to the boat, or bring our own stuff.

Then about say 6:00 or 7:00PM (stays light till 9:00PM) we head back to the HPS for a shower and then some Justified TV show streaming on Netflix and popcorn in the microwave. There are two TV's in the HPS but we never watch them.

 So life is rough here and I am still trying to under stand why people need to leave for the summer?

 Of course some days we go to the movies or out for dinner in PV or just a road trip (bus), lots to do here.

 Or we do the free aerobics at the pool at noon and then we have another little routine :)
You get the idea :)

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  1. Nice daily routine...No wonder you put on a few pounds. ;-) It's getting dark about 8:00PM here now in San Diego.