Debbie up the mast again

End of November 2015 - At private slip in Nuevo Vallarta in Banderas Bay, Mexico

Debbie is the mast climber of the family.  The mast steps help on the journey up! Debbie went up the mast this summer (while house sitting with a private dock for the boat) in Nuevo Vallarto, Mexico. Chip is on deck all the time, raising and lowering the halyard line used for safety.  This trip was to install a replacement wind vane as the last one was taken by the frigot birds.  This is the third vane to be replaced for this reason since coming to Mexico in 2012. Somewhere, there is a frigot bird yard with wind vane bird nests!!

Debbie in full up-the-mast-gear.

The gear.

Chip sending the wind vane up from deck.

Debbie reaching out and snapping in the wind sensor.

The line you see is the safety line attached to the wind vane 
so in case Debbie dropped it, it wouldn't fall all the way to the deck.

Looks like the wind vane snapped right in 
by the look on Debbie's smiling face!

We even attempted mounting a rake up there, something we saw 
on some local sailboats however it didn't quite fit up there. 

Debbie tried every which way to fit it up there!

Thinking we could even cut off some of the handle, 
the geometry just wasn't working out!

Down comes the ladder :(

While we had the new wind vane on land, we super-glued a spike directly on top of it...anything to prevent the frigot bird from landing on it and taking off with it.


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