Anchored in La Cruz - Trailer Park Boys

Middle of December 2015 - La Cruz anchorage in Banderas Bay, Mexico

Hugh and Barb on m/v Aussie Made came by on their Grand 
Banks 42' trawler and snapped a picture of us and we like-wise.

At anchor in La Cruz. We since moved the Ocean Kayak Malibu Two 
kayak and the Starboard Whopper SUP paddle board to amidships.

Ocean Kayak Malibu Two kayak amidships. 

During our storm at anchor both Debbie and I got the stomach flu! So down and out we were and at times I would feel better than Debbie. At these times I would go to the “man cave” so to speak. No cave on a 36’ boat but I would grab the Samsung 8” tablet and watch some shows (that Debbie does not care for) with the head phones in. Debbie does the same thing when I am napping when we are not sick. She will watch such things as “Scandal” or “The Good Wife”.  I watched a couple episodes of  “The Trailer Park Boys ”. Previously I had watched a couple guitar videos and saw “Bubbles” who plays a role in “The Trailer Park Boys”. I do play the guitar and here and there try to pick up new things. So while doing this one day I discovered “Bubbles”. As you must know by now we are quite good at downloading TV and movies to watch as we have no TV for about 6 months at anchor but what we download when we have WiFi. The rest of the time it is not much good either so downloading is our game..

Birds rule out here!

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