Used Ocean Kayak Malibu Two model acquired!

Currently anchored in Barra-Bahia de Navidad lagoon, early May 2015
Almost 6 months at anchor now..
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 Debbie posted a wanted ad on the Bucerias Yahoo Group that we were looking for a Ocean Kayak Malibu Two model for "coconuts". We got one response from a gentleman named Jim who had one for sale for "coconuts". We started negotiations and made a deal - as it seemed fair enough. It comes with paddles, seats, vests and plugs. 

 In Mexico, around Puerto Vallarta area, Zaragoza Chandlery is the only dealer for Ocean Kayaks.

$16,570.94   $14,913.85 IVA Incluido

This translates at the current exchange rate (15 pesos to the dollar) to about  $1,105 USD or on sale for about $994.00 USD.

These sell at Amazon for about $625.00 USD so you can see the problem with getting things in Mexico.  The suggested retail price is $675 USD.

 We can not buy things from the Bucerias Yahoo Group so we "trade for coconuts".

Standing upright at Jim's house in Bucerias.

This is from Ocean Kayak support.
'I cannot tell the age of your kayak by looking at it, but we can tell how old it is by looking at the serial number. The serial number should be along the outside of the kayak, along the waterline and on the right-hand side of the boat. Check towards the very back, stern end. It should stamped or hand-etched directly into the hull material and it will begin with an XKA or XTC. The figures stamped in the hull should be about the size of your fingernail or smaller.

When you look at the serial number, the last two digits will tell you when it was made. So if it ends with a -98 it was made in 1998, -99 for 1999, -10 for 2010 and etc.

The only changes made to this kayak were the color options available, skid/wear plate for the rear keel line, and also some durable plastic molded-in handles. I hope this helps and please let us know if you need anything else. Have a great day."

This means there are not much differences from the used Ocean Kayak Malibu Two to the new one.
So we traded "coconuts" of about half value in Mexico coconut pricing.
What we traded "coconuts" for.

Jim's car with Ocean Kayak Malibu Two on top.

 Debbie will make a cover for the Ocean Kayak Malibu Two so it will be out of the sun for periods of non-use, like some of the hot summer months possibly.

 Ronnie and Tony, our friends that we house sit for and will again shortly, are going to store the Ocean Kayak Malibu Two kayak in their yard for us til we get there. We are still anchored in Barra-Bahia de Navidad lagoon and did all this with email and Mexican cell phone. Final coconuts were handled through Paypal since we are "out of town" and so we would have a record.  He will delver to Ronnie and Tony, who also live in Bucerias, Mexico.

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