Debbie up the mast again for Lazy Jacks

Currently anchored in Barra-Bahia de Navidad lagoon, early May 2015
Over five months at anchor now.
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You can see the "Lazy Jack" hanging from Debbie as she climbs up the mast.

Getting closer to the spreader.

Ok, Debbie is set to start work. She tied a small flag halyard line around each part of the spreader bracket that is on the mast. 

The bracket holds the spreader. The bracket has two parts and there is a space in the middle. Debbie doubled up the line for strength. Before she tied it up she put the "Lazy Jack" block through the line. This is a band-aid for the port "Lazy Jack" until get to home port and can re-do the "Lazy Jacks".

After the "fix", since Debbie was up there, she polished some of the stainless of the radar dome mount - the parts she could easily reach.  First time for this since it was mounted!

You can see the line tied to the spreader supports that the "Lazy Jack" is attached to. Also the holes in the bottom of the spreader where the "Lazy Jack" was attached to.

The "Lazy Jack" is working to hold the sail Stack Pack up now.

Have not tried the fix sailing yet. Our next passage is our last of the season. 

We will be leaving for PV at the next weather window. It will be a couple 
day passage. Lets hope this works out :)!

We may be looking at a purchasing a Bosun's Chair. Our harness set up (Spinlock Mast Pro Harness) works great for up-down the mast stuff but to swing out into the rigging say work on a back stay we are not so sure it will work as good as a Bosun's Chair. 
Spinlock Mast Pro Harness we have.

This is not likely as our Spinlock Mast Pro Harness will get us around the mast and out around the spreaders. But we were thinking about possibly purchasing a Harken Bosun's Chair.  Mfg# 2234 from Downwind Marine (SKU 00106366). This we could swing out onto the back stay or whatever. We could possibly do that with the Spinlock Mast Pro Harness?

It may be time in my life to start paying someone to clean the rigging and so forth. We are retired after all and we do have plenty of other things (boat related) to keep us busy. So a couple more years of doing our own rigging work and we could be done. In that case it is not worth purchasing a chair. Maybe if we were crossing an ocean but we are not.

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