Barra-Bahia de Navidad late April/early May 2015

Currently anchored in Barra-Bahia de Navidad lagoon, early May 2015

Over five months at anchor now.
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We are going into the resort to use the pool and showers etc. for a few days. The good life!  (We also used the fresh water to clean the topside of boat, all the canvas and Breeze Boosters. We also did a temporary fix of the Lazy Jacks - see separate post.)

We go into town (Bahia de Navidad) via water taxi and have tamales (from Rosa, the Tamale Lady) and helado (ice cream) - what a treat!!

We are waiting for a weather window to sail north around Cape Cabo Corientes.

Up on the tenth floor pool at  the Grand Isla Navidad Resort.

Looking out over the lagoon and marina.

Looking out over the lagoon and marina.

Lounge and bar area at the tenth floor pool at the Grand Isla Navidad Resort.

A house on the hill, just cool looking.

s\v Elegant'sea at anchor in the Bahia de Navidad lagoon.

Looking out at Bahia de Navidad

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