Santiago to Barra-Bahia de Navidad

Currently anchored in Barra-Bahia de Navidad lagoon, end of April 2015

We left Las Hadas and sailed over to Santiago  for a few more days of quiet nights. There we met David and Betty Ann on s\v Confidence. They left for Bahia de Navidad  late morning about 11:30 am as we were arriving. They got their butt kicked trying to get to Bahia de Navidad . The waves were 6+ feet and the afternoon wind was in the 20 knot range. They turned back after four hours and re-anchored. They left at 2:00 am a couple of days later. 

 We sailed at 6:00 am a day or so after they did getting into Bahia de Navidad  at about noon. It was a bit lumpy and the wind was on our nose with a cross swell of 6 feet or so. The wind was only about 5 knots though.

s\v Confidence with David and Betty Ann came by and took our trash in 
as they were going to the abbarote but we did not need anything.

s\v Confidence a 37' Tayana.

Debbie and I did a beach landing and went for lunch.

Some local musicians, drumming, to entertain 
the beach-goers (and earn some pesos)!

This is my coconut shrimp plate, hmmm good.

s\v Elegant'sea at anchor in Santiago  .

s\v Elegant'sea at anchor in Santiago  to the left 
and a charter s\v came in and anchored for a few hours.

Yep, just us on the beach as cruisers go. Snow birds are gone 
or are in marinas ready to fly north.

The cover has worked good keeping the kids from playing 
in the dinghy when the beach is crowded.

New sticker for the outboard - from a tattoo shop in Zihua!

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