Anchor rode splice whipped

Currently anchored in Barra-Bahia de Navidad lagoon, early May 2015
Over five months at anchor now.

After several more anchorings we sailed to Isla Grande at Ixtapa, Mexico and anchored there for protection during a big swell. After a couple few days there we moved out further into the bay. 

After 24 hours there in heavy swells and fetch we hauled anchor and tucked back into Isla Grande. When we hauled anchor we saw that one tucks of the splice on the rode had come out of the splice. This was by the anchor end. We think this may have been because these tucks were short and just made it under the three strand. But to make sure we decide to whip the splice in four places. We sewed in the whipping through the splice.

End where the last tuck came out. You see the frayed line which was tucked into the splice and the whipping we added there.

Here is the sewing :)

A few whippings done.

All finished with the four whippings on the splice. We anchored several times more and did not have any issues with the splice.

After being anchored in Santiago for a week we noticed the anchor end of the rode just after the splice was untwisting. 
We think in Santiago we were doing some 360 deg turns at anchor. So this is not good. We decided to add a couple of whippings the the rode on this end and one on the other end of the rode just after the splice.

Two new whippings on rode.

One on the windless end of the rode just after the splice

All done!

Now we are anchored in Bahia de Navidad lagoon and we had a day of 24 knots to gusts of 28 + winds. 
We have had some more days of high winds here. Now there is not much of a fetch and no swells to bounce the bow around but still there is a good strain on the anchor rode. We hauled up the rode to the splice and cheeked it out and it looks fine. About another few weeks at anchor and the cruising season will be done. Time for the Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay Mexico for hurricane season!

The lagoon is mud and clay under the mud.

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