Blew tire on bike

May 2013 Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay, Mexico

Debbie and I went out on a ride on our bikes. Debbie seat was sub par for any distance so she headed back. I forged on looking for the path to Bucerias when I tried jumping a curb, bad idea as I blew the front tire. These local bikes are still a work in progress. I thumbed as far back as I could and then grabbed a cab. I had no cash but the people are real nice so the cabbie waited for Debbie to come up and pay him as I had to go to the boat and get her, I am a bit disabled :)

We later picked up the bike in our FORD KA and went to the bike shop in

Picking up my bike.
Getting a new front tire and tube for my bike.

They tested both tubes and fixed my water bottle holder for free. The replaced the tube, tire and took the back tire off and tested the tube, it way fine but the tube had five patches on it but still holds air so here it is considered fine, which I agree. In the US they just automatically replace the tube, here nothing is wasted, it can be repaired or modified then that is the way it is done.

So we purchased a new bike seat and a basket for Debbie's bike! They also gave us a couple of screws for holding Debbie's water bottle on her bike. I got a new front tire and tube and the adjusted the kick stand on my bike also. We did not have Debbie s bike with us so we installed her basket and seat at the boat.

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