WSO 100-01 Weather Station ordered, mounts + female field connector. - 2018

We ordered our Mareton WSO 100-01 from

It is Maretron NEMA 2000 Ultrasonic Wind/Weather Station WSO100-01.
Kelly on s\v Emerald Lady (or Emerald Lady) is bringing this down to Mexico for us.

June 2018- Currently in Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay Mexico
Debbie while at top of the mast on s\v Elegant'sea. We are thinking we can attach the "Economy Rail Antenna Mount" to the West Marine Stainless-Steel Pedestal Mount. 
Then attach the WSO 100 Weather the Economy Rail Antenna Mount. That would let the NEMA 2000 Micro drop cable come out the bottom of the "Economy Rail Antenna Mount" and go down the inside of mast.
Model # 409888 
MFG # 4194 SS 

We purchased the Economy Rail Antenna Mount at West Marine.
Model # 3843992
MFG # 4720

Just in case our micro female NEMA 2000 Micro connector at the top of the mast is bad we purchased a Micro Maretron female field connector to replace it.
The WSO 100 Weather station requires a backbone cable. We have a drop cable going up the mast. To make the Drop cable a Backbone cable we remove the terminator on our backbone at the end and place our Drop cable there and then at the WSO 100 Weather station we place a terminator. So the cable up the mast is now a Backbone cable and it conects to the terminator at the WSO 100 Weather station. We will still have our Garmin NEMA 2000 network and all our Garmin instruments ect.

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