Leaking Ocean Kayak Malibu Two - Fixing leak(s) - 2108

This is testing the stern leak and we fixed it! 
This was the big leak inside the hole for the handle for the stern  

June 2018- Currently in Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay Mexico
In our other post about the leaks you could see water 
pouring out of the hole. Not any more!
Dry, Dry, Dry!
Debbie re-tied the handle back on.
This fix was simple. On the Ocean Kayak Owners forum on Facebook it was suggested to just use clear silicone around inside the hole. So that's what we dd and that fixed the leak.
At the bow pictured here as we were checking leaks, one leak was the black plug. 
It screws out allowing for airing out the kayak and/or draining water. The "O" ring was leaking. We tried to gt the plug out but opted instead for putting some silicone around the "O" ring and that worked to stop that leak.
The other two leaks were at the bow handle.
 I tried silicone but the leaks persisted. 
So a couple days later I welded them shut with kayak plastic.
First I drilled out the hole for the handle line a couple drill sizes larger
 to get rid of the silicone and to make working room.
Then I used the heat gun and kayak plastic to fill all around 
inside the hole and that also filled up the whole . 
Next was this top area. It was all split open . So again I welded it closed and at the same time kind of squished it closed with the screw driver and needle nose pliers.
Final touch up.
Looks a little ugly. Then I re-drilled the hole for the handle line and leak tested the bow.
I took the tarp we bought at Home Depot out of the dock box and used it as a knee pad. 
But while working on the kayak with the heat gun I mistakenly put the heat gun on it. Ouch and hole is now in the tarp that is still new in the bag!. Looks like a patch job for the tarp is coming. We plan on using the tarp to take the place of the dodger, separator and bimini canvas for the summer.
 We did a bow leak test and no leaks! The Ocean Kayak Malibu Two kayak is now leak free! It may not seem like much but this was hard to deal with while hauling the kayak up on the racks with the water in it. The leaks were not obvious and were thought to be a gouge or skid mark in the bottom. This we tried to find at anchor but that was not easy and we did not find the leaks at the time. Plus we thought it was one leak not four!

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