House sitting in Brea CA

End of August  2016 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlan, Mexico

Brea, CA  has a nice down town area.

 After we left Castaic CA (Debbie's sisters) we went directly to our first house sit in Brea, CA - which is in Orange County, to house sit.

 All the house sits have A\C as it is summer and they are in California.
It was in the ninety degree range every afternoon.

 Here we took care of three cats and two chickens and the property.

This was a nice house with nice people.

Due to the drought in California, the homeowners
took out their lawns (front and back), put in nice decorative stones
and re-did the flowerbeds with drought-resistant plants. 
It looks really good too!

While this is a track-home area, this house kept its original beams and style.

The house is on the hillside, too!

Debbie scratching the elusive cat Felix (to prove she warmed up to us while we were there)...the other two were not skittish at all.

This is Felix again - she is a "she"...the first vet got her gender wrong
hence the male name.

The tabby cat is Tiger and the tortie is Mattie...they loved their morning sunbaths!

Then one morning when Debbie was up early, she caught these raccoons
on camera walking the back fence of the property.

Looks like a mother and her two cubs.

Debbie was so afraid that mom would drop her cub in the garden!

There were a lot of birds in area - here is a humming bird

caught on camera at the feeder.

Debbie with the little bird (chicken), Willow.

Debbie cleaning the "night pen" before the chickens go in.
Debbie also gave them some treats every other day before they went to bed (night pen).

Here is the outdoor chicken coop. 
"Big Bird" is the chicken in this shot. 

The self-feeder is seen at the left - made it easy to care for the chickens. 
Debbie also brought in some treats of watermelon
and romaine lettuce - two favorite foods of chickens.

The homeowners also had mint growing wild in the backyard so
Debbie took advantage of it by making some mint-infused chocolate brownies.

Here are all of the other ingredients!

The batter ready..... bake in the (convection) oven!

The finished product!  See the two missing....yum!! 
Glad that Debbie likes to bake, especially when we are house-sitting!!

There is also beautiful foliage around the property. 
Another thing we get to enjoy when off the boat - a little gardening!

These miniature pink roses are ready to "pop" - hoping
they would hold off until the homeowners returned so
they could enjoy the beauty!

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