Hip post-op walk

Middle of August  2016 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlan, Mexico
House sitting in Chatsworth ca.

Here it is - the infamous “post-op walk”. Yes, I am limping but that is because my right leg still hurts, not because it is short. Besides, I may be trained to limp after 3 years needing a hip replacement.

My surgery was on Monday, August 15th and am walking without a walker today, the 18th…which is just three days later. I was walking on the same day I got operated on with the walker but was medicated up too bad to last long. Since then I have been walking half way around the city block we are living on with the walker. But now I am walking completely without the walker. I am still on medication for pain and am a bit off balance so I keep the walker nearby. To go out and part way around the block I am still using the walker to keep up with my wife who is walking the dogs we are house sitting with. YAY!! All is good and constantly getting better! The white socks are to prevent blood clots.

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