House sitting in Beaumont CA - Follows Brea house sit

Beginning of June 2016 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlan, Mexico

 We are house sitting all summer in parts of California from La Angeles to Beaumont to San Diego area.
It was in the 90's everyday here. The house has AC though :)

 This house is in Beaumont CA.

 We went to nearby Banning CA to the Fox movie theater.

 We saw "STAR TREK BEYOND" which was nice to see in a movie theater. They have re-molded the old Fox theater and did very a fine job.

We also went to "Rile's Farm", Ok it wasn't snowing and there was not even snow on the ground but the food was good. It' up there (Oak Glen) on the mountain about 5000 ft, a good place for growing apples :) They also host Colony Bay TV.

Ok I do not know witch one is which?

Come to find out there is a method to raising a tortoises.


Shelby - Schnauzer.

Shelby and Benjamin.

One eyed Benjamin.

Medicine cat

Back yard with chicken pen. The pool is a way to cool of by sitting in the floating chairs after work.
The turtles are in the box to the right.

Out the driveway.

The front of the house.

Our car in the drive way. Their cars are in the garage.

Down the street.

Looking to the    mountains.

We ate at Tacos & Beer  a cool little place that we thought had good food and friendly good service.

Debbie having fun.

Me watching Debbie!

Debbie's berato.

My beck berato.

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