Chatsworth house sit is on to San Marcos - San Diego area

End of August  2016 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlan, Mexico
While we were in Chatsworth, California I got my new hip (major surgery) and did my post-op and got a clip at Cali Cuts!  What 18 days in Chatsworth can do for a body!
 OK I know this is not sailing. This is and has been about my need for a new hip and how it has taken place. So if you are cruising the "Mexican Rivera" and find out you need a hip or some other major body part fixed then this may help. We had just retired and I was very healthy so this hip thing was a total surprise. It has been a long story and a few years cruising without a hip but now that is over as my new hip is in place..  
Our car at the house in Chatsworth.

Debbie making "Lime Squares" with the fresh limes in the backyard.

Harley, brown lab.

Sam, yellow lab.

Chip gets the "ball" rolling for play outside with the labs!

Debbie and Grandson David playing with the labs.

That was the end to our Chatsworth sit and then we went to the San Diego

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