Starboard Paddle board repair - still - in Santiago

Middle of March 2016 - Currently anchored in Las Hadas, Mexico
Beginning of March 2016 - while anchored in Santiago , Mexico

 OK the Starboard Whopper SUP is still leaking so we decided to get it fixed locally. Then we plan on selling it and the paddle and get a new - NOT inflatable - one next year. We will probably get a Starboard Whopper SUP made out of fiberglass. So we got a name of a guy to fix the Starboard Whopper SUP. We were supposed to meet him the following day in the Ramada El Rey at noon. Of course, as it is here, he did not show up. We had brought the Starboard Whopper SUP and the dinghy pump we use to inflate it with us to the Ramada. A dinghy into the beach and a bit of a beach walk to the Ramada El Rey. A little later Juan came in which we knew from a trip into Santiago with him. He has a cab. A cab that is a truck and it is for people, who say, go to the lumber yard and buy stuff but do not have a car\truck. There is a fleet of them like regular cabs. We had six people one day and we loaded a few into the truck and a few into the back and off we went. Anyway, he said he knew a guy. Here in Santiago it seems everybody knows each other. Anyway off we went to "Miramar", a little town across the highway and to a small shop there. A young guy said to come back in a few hours so Debbie and I went off to Manzanillo, by city bus (cheaper). We went back in a few hours and met Juan there with his truck. The Starboard Whopper SUP was patched and Juan gave us and the Starboard Whopper SUP a ride back to the beach and to our dinghy. The next day Debbie and I checked the Starboard Whopper SUP and it was flat,. bummer dude! Soooo another trip into the Ramada to meet Juan so we could get it repaired right. Juan said he knew another guy, possibly the kids dad. Off we went to the lagoon not too far from the Ramada. We had kayaked into the lagoon not too long ago so we are familiar with it. This time we went to where the pangas are tied up and they have a palapa there where they repair fish nets and pangas and their other gear. 

At the shop in town of  "Miramar" - looked like a tire repair shop.
                                               At the shop in town of  "Miramar".

Juan loading up the Starboard Whopper SUP in his truck, all fixed, we thought.

At the lagoon with Diego who patched it this time. Diego peeled the patch the kid in "Mirama" did right off. He said it was the wrong glue.
One of the fisherman.
A fisherman repairing a net - we love to hate :)
My turn to get some siesta time!
Giving it the bubble test in the lagoon.
Took a few times to fix the leaks.

Diego did not want any money for his work. We think he was making up for the kid in "Miramar" but we gave him some any way.

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