It finally happened - what took so long?!?!

Beginning of March 2016 - Anchored in La Hadas, Mexico

About where we were anchored a week or so later.

It finally happened - what took so long?!?! We were hit by a jet ski. Anchored here in Las Hadas, watching a movie after a morning of sealing the cap rail with 3M 4000 UV, we heard a thud and went out to see the jet ski pulling away with dad driving and the kid and mom in front of him. Off they went but not for long as they came back for a second spin around – this time we could see they were trying to do a selfie with the stick! It’s a wonder we have not been hit before; in fact, we added a verse to our “Anchoring Dance” song when we experienced the Las Hadas wake boarders and jet skies on a holiday weekend. Looks like the hull is o.k. - no damage (we hope)!

(This photo is not the people who hit us - we took it while writing this post to show what happens here regularly - several people on one jet ski going fast.)

We came here from Santiago to tuck in from the 6’ seas, winds and rain this past week - not good for dinghy landings in Santiago. At least we did not get the rain!

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