Cap rail inside re-sealed

Beginning of March 2016 - Anchored in La Hadas, Mexico

 It has been several years since we sealed our cap rail. There are a few leaks now into the boat. We decided to re-seal it before leaving for the summer rainy season (hip replacement). First off we went all around the and picked out all the loose old 3M 4000 UV and as we went we used a small round file and a piece of #220 sand paper to clean out the crevice. Then there was the taping of the top and bottom of the cap rail. A long job but worth it. Debbie taped up all the stanchions with brown paper. Again well worth it as cleaning up 3M 4000 UV from the deck and stanchions is a lot of work. Also it is easy to miss the stuff and a year later I am still cleaning it up.

Debbie resting from all the bending over - this work is hard on the back!

 That was a couple half days work and that is about what we do is half days. Then it was doing the do.

 Debbie did the pushing in of the 3M 4000 UV and smoothing it out She used a yellow finger smoother you get at Home Depot.. I followed and removed tape and cleaned up...about 5 minutes behind Debbie. It all went well. I used a bucket with plastic bags in it to hold the removed tape. I went through about 4 bags. Along with Acetone and paper towels (strong ones) the clean up went fine.

We had purchased a new caulking gun and left the old one at the trash bin in the Las Hadas marina for re-use but not by us.

Ah, boat maintenance in exotic places!!

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