Mercado Cinco de Mayo in Manzanillo, Mexico

Middle of March 2016 - Anchored in Las Hadas, Mexico

Mercado Cinco de Mayo in Manzanillo, Mexico is listed in the Pacific Mexico: A Cruiser's Guide and Debbie really wanted to check it out so we did!

After a bus and a taxi, we found the place - it is in the centro area of Manzanillo!  We had a great taxi driver who dropped us off on the top level, which is where the food shops are.  We asked him which was his favorite and he said they were all good!

 We wanted to eat here yet they seemed closed.

So we walked around and found this pozole stand.  
We had never had pozole so we tried it!

The prep stand where onions were chopped and bowls filled.

The amazingly large pot where the pozole was cooked in.

Here is the bowl that was served.  For Chip, he had extra meat - pork - and put the hot-hot sauce on it along with lettuce and radishes.  Pozole, by the way, is a hominy stew.

 This is the view from the second floor of the 
fruit and vegetable stands on the first floor.

And then the restaurant stands on the second floor.

 There were large family farm stands as well as the small 
mom-and-pop farm stands to choose from.  
We went to the small stands for some apples, carrots and cucumbers. 

 There were also gift stands upstairs.

Chip really wanted tacos so after walking around the mercado, 
we went outside to find this taco shop - Taqueria Don Pepe, here since 1972.

He had two bistek (steak) tacos...then went back to another one!  
They even had his favorite drink, horchata.

To get back by bus, we had to walk several blocks (after asking the local police) for the number 1 bus.  We are glad we went on this adventure!!

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