Purchased a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 tablet

End of April 2014 - La Cruz Anchorage Banderas Bay Mexico

We purchased a re-furbished Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 and will be receiving it soon. It was being sent to a cruiser's relative in the US and when the cruiser returns, they will bring it down Into Mexico for us (Kathy and Dan on S\V Lungta). Electronics are a lot more expensive here.

 This will enable both Debbie (Amazon Kindle Fire) and I (Samsung Galaxy Tab 3) to get the internet while away from the boat without caring the laptop. Also it will enable me to download movies and TV series without the lap top. Now you can download a movie from tablets but some that have a closed system like the Apple ones do not allow apps for queuing up multiple torrent downloads. The Android system is open meaning we can run what apps we want and do not need big brothers permission or need to pay him extra fees for apps making them less expensive.
 It has all the features we want and it will fit in the side pocket of my board shorts or cargo pants eliminating the need for me to carry it around.

The 8” screen is fine for us both to grab a movie on in some AC space if we want to get off the boat for a bit.

It also supports Bluetooth so we can use an external key board and wireless head phones.
Also supports USB and has a GPS.

With a SD card we can expand it to 64 gigs so there plenty of room.
We can also run more than one app at a time in mutable windows so we can be downloading a movie and blogging and listing to music all at the same time or watching a different move etc at the same time.
 Samsung is quite popular here with the local’s and this makes a lot of sense.
We got a deal because the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 is being released soon and we got a re-furbished Tab 3 so it was quite affordable.

- Thin bezel and slimmer design
- OS: Android™ 4.2, Jelly Bean
- Processor: 1.5GHz, dual-core
- Onboard Memory: 16GB
- microSD™ Card Slot (Up to 64GB)
- Display Screen: 8.0"
- Display Resolution: WXGA (1280 x 800)
- Display Type: TFT (PLS)
- Battery Type: Li-Polymer
- Battery Capacity: 4,450 mAh
- Color: White
- Wireless Internet Wi-Fi® 802.11 a/b/g/n, Wi-Fi® Direct
- Camera: 5MP rear-facing, 1.3MP front-facing
- Bluetooth® V4.0
- USB 2.0 (USB adapter sold separately.)
- Stereo Speakers
- Ear Jack: 3.5mm (Line-in Mic)
- IF Connector: 11Pin (Micro USB)
- WatchON

- IR Blaster

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