IMSS and nerve damage or?

End of April 2014 - La Cruz Anchorage Banderas Bay Mexico

Well after several more trips to the IMSS clinic in Puerto Vallarta, Mezcales and Aramara it has been determined that I have a damaged, pinched, torn or otherwise nerve or nerves running from my back down through my leg. I recently had a EMG test for nerves and will start 10 days of physical therapy the 16th of May in the Mezcales IMSS clinic. Then another doctor’s appointment with the physical therapy doctor for the EMG test results and some more wellness solutions, I hope.

 I was told to stay off my paddleboard for now and that was a bummer. It has been no standing or walking if possible, but I can Sail!. Swimming and bicycle riding are OK.  When I do walk I need to use a cane and can not go very far or I start to ache. The super market is ok as the grocery cart is like a walker :( 

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