Some Spectra Watermaker spare parts purchased

We went to Daily Watermakers which is a Spectra
Water Maker dealer. They are on Shelter island in San Diego.
We purchased more chemicals for pickling our Spectra Watermaker 200T Deluxe. Also we purchased a couple spare filters, just a regular filter and a 6 month charcoal filter. 

Beginning of July 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico
We are currently house sitting in Chatsworth, San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles.
A spare sea strainer screen purchased at Marine Exchange.
Here you see the pump head. This is from the Spectra Watermaker 200T Deluxe pump. We thought we might of had problems with the pump head so we swapped it out with the spare pump head we had. We were never sure about the pump head. So we brought to Craig at Daily Watermakers and he took apart the head and saw that the O ring was kind of flat so he replaced this part. We kept the part as a spare, You just never know. He included the repair in the other things we purchased. So now we have a working spare head for the Spectra Watermaker 200T Deluxe pump again.
Old part but it still looks good.
The pump head had no dust in it when Craig
pulled it apart which means it probably didn't go bad .
All done and looking good, well I guess you would have to like
pumps or watermakers.
This is the pickling compound used at season's end.

And yet another part checked off the US buy list for the next cruising season on s\v Elegant'sea!

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