Purchased a refurbished Samung Galaxy Tab 4 tablet

Middle of June 2016 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlan, Mexico

 We have liked the refurbished Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 tablet with an 8" screen and 8 gb of memory. We bought it a couple years ago. Then, when Debbie's Kindle Fire stopped working (stuck in a boot loop) we decided on another one of these Samsung tablets. We are hoping to eventually get an ASUS Transformer Book 2.1 tablet to replace our aging laptop. The devices are real affordable and portable.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 tablet with an 8 ' screen and 16 gb of memory.

 Debbie can watch her TV shows on it while I am taking my siesta. She uses some Bluetooth head phones or plugs in her earbuds and enjoys the show while sitting in the salon or cockpit etc. They are great for downloading TV, or movies as we can expand them with a SDcard of 32 gb. On and on it goes so they work for us. If one goes into the drink then it is not the end of the world because at just over $100.00 each they can be replaced easy enough. That is if you can one brought down from the us :)

 It was getting old carrying around a Kindle White Paper tablet just to read books so.I have started using my refurbished Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 tablet for reading books. Got a app called "Aldiko" that is a book reader and seems to work good with e-books and magazines etc. So far we have not had to spend one dime for apps, e-book, audio books or actually anything.except for the iSailor app maps which we use for backup in case the chart plotter were to go out.The iSailor app works great on the Android OS.

 "Aldiko"  app on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 tablet.


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