Dinghy cleaned folded and repaired transm mount for lifting

Beginning of June 2016 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlan, Mexico

 At first I thought that I really made a mistake when installing this eye bolt. That we did not install fender washers. As you can see below the eye bolt is digging into the stern of the dinghy. It is leaning and is becoming un-safe. Then we realized these were installed where we bought the dinghy at the "Dinghy Doctor" in San Diego, Cal.  We had trouble with a couple other items they Dinghy Doctor installed so be aware if you purchase there. One was the DaNard dinghy wheels mounts. First theyused the wrong screw heads. They used wood screw heads and so they stick out where as machine screws would have fit flush. When installing these mounts on the out side of the transom they crossed the Achilles drain plug safety tether. So when lowering and raising the wheels a couple times it cout the line in half and the plug was then lost while pulling it out for drainage. This took place in Chamela (Perula Bay)where services are scarce. So the answer to this is inspect the equipment before leaving the shop\boat etc.

Here is the starboard lifting rye. 

We took out the lifting eye bolt(s) and will install fender washers in both.

The port side has a small flat washer installed with the eye bolt.

Nicely installed now with big fender washers and 3M UV 4000.

We installed these chocks for towing something behind the dinghy. We find we use them more for tying up the dinghy so we were going to change them around. We took out the screws but could not get it of so I re-screwed it in and will just continue to use them as is, which is fine really.

We had cleaned and folded the Achilles dinghy so we re-folded the dinghy up in it's bag with its cover and were are done with it for the summer. Each season we re-greese the ors where they come appart for storage and each time we blow the dinghy up we re-rease the seals on the valves for inflating the dinghy. The Achilles dinghy has been the bright spot for our inflatable gear.

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