Leaking AERE fenders - replaced

Middle of June 2016 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlan, Mexico

 Two of our AERE fenders developed leaks up by the "D" ring. This seems to be a manufacturer defect, not a user-caused leak. We contacted the AERE support and of course, they are out-of-warranty. However after several emails they said to send them the fenders and they would look at them. Well, no shipping from Mexico so we waited till we went back to the US about 6 months later. Then we shipped the two fenders to AERE.  

Leaking by "D" ring.
We purchased these AERE fenders before going on the Baja Ha-Ha 2012. They were recommended by "Practical Sailor".

Leaking by "D" ring.

Leaking by "D" ring.

AERE fenders. We have four of these fenders.

New fenders were shipped to us from AERE..

It is nice to get the replacements (fenders) without too much hassle from AERE.

New AERE fender.

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