Scupper project starboard side

Beginning of February 2016 - Anchored in Barra-Bahia de Navidad lagoon, Mexico

Debbie going for a look to see where we are going to put the 
scupper on deck...what's under the deck?

Here is the spot where the previous owner put an outboard motor lift on the deck and the holes we filled. Looks like the spot. This will remove the holes and add a scupper!

The drain hose will come down here by the Icom antenna tuner 
and run along side the diesel fill hose.

Old holes that were filled.

This is the spot.

Finding the middle of the circle.

Drilling the pilot hole.

Now for the real hole, 1 7\8".


Taking off the rough edge with a rasp.

This tool is a custom tool our son-in-law David fabricated for us when Debbie was in the US in 2014.  She purchased the drain, explained to him how we needed to bevel the edges of the deck so the drain would sit flush in the deck and this is what he created, from scratch!!

David during the creative process....

Had to use the Dremel on the fiberglass.

A fit...which we did several times.

Debbie vacuuming up the mess...she did this several times also.

Getting close!

Finishing touches!  

We are there.

Debbie inside lazerett sanding the hole and cleaning the area.

We are installing the scupper with 3M UV4000 and I am passing Debbie 
some on my knife blade. Guess not the best way of passing 3M UV4000 
but the tube wouldn't work in the caulking gun so we had to cut the tube :)

Temporary hose to keep water out of lazerett.

In the foreground is the diesel fill cap - covered with silicone 
to prevent water from getting into the diesel tank.

Looks good. we'll clean up some of the 3M UV4000 another time!


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  1. Hi...I'm curious why you decided to add a scupper at this location....dont have an IF36 but looking closely at them.