Music on the beach in Santiago - Manzanillo, Mexico

End of February 2016 - Anchored in Santiago, Mexico

The other day, we were at the Ramada El Rey, to play some Mexican Train Dominoes with Jim and Jess on s\v Hajime - a Tartan 37 and Alan and Elizabeth -on s\v Vivacia a Caliber 40 LRC.  

One of the wonderful things about Mexico is all of the music in public places.  Here on the beach in Playa La Boquita, the music abounds with wandering minstrels in and out of all the different ramadas (food stands). They will stop and play for your table if you offer up some pesos.  We usually enjoy it from afar!

Last night we went over to s\v Vivacia along with s\v Hajime for some food and Mexican Train Dominoes.

s\v Hajime and s\v Vivacia will be heading south the 29th and we will not go any further south this year because of my hip needing to be replaced.

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