Barra de Navidad to Santiago, Second Time

End of February 2016 - Anchored in Las Hadas, Manzanillo, Mexico

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Our passage from Barra de Navidad to Santiago was quite nice. The s/v Seychelles was a ways ahead of us and they came upon a long lone. They went over it and so we decided to also. Our Islander Freeport has a modified fin keel. The keel comes down from the forward part of the boat at an angle and ends with the pro shaft coming out say 6 inches and that is with the prop on it, OK maybe a bit more but not much. Then there is the skeg-hung rudder. I had to go forward to the head so of course we came up on the long line when Debbie was at the helm. 

We had discussed what action to take and Debbie did a fantastic job. Debbie picked tow buoys and went for the middle of them. The line was not floating at the top of the water so it may have been weighted which is a lot better for us. Debbie put the engine in neutral. We were motoring as there was two knots of true wind. There was just enough wind to push us over the net real slow which was good. I came up on deck and we kept looking at the buoys (soda bottles) to see if they were snagged and following us but they were not so we were over the other side of the net! 

The long line was about in the same place as it was last time we did this passage. We anchored in Santiago with about six other boats. We met up with s\v Vivacia, Alan and Elizabeth and hung out with them for a few days doing some beach dinghy landings with the four of us in our dinghy. No problems but for Elizabeth getting a bit wet a few times as she was the first in leaving the beach.

 Then off to Las Hadas for a few days.

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