Solar- Blue Seas buss to Blue Seas blade fuse block

Beginning of August- Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay Mexico

Debbie finished off the replacement of the solar Blue Seas Marine buss to Blue Seas blade fuse block project the other day. It took a long time in the lazerett in the heat to finish this. Debbie had previously crimped on new #10 with #8 screw holes on the solar panels cables. The Blue Sky solar controller (Solar Boost 3024iL DUO) cables are 4 awg so the normal crimper would not do for those. We have a hydraulic crimper for the bigger boys or girls. 4 awg with # 10 screw holes. Working it out (hydraulic crimper) in the cockpit is one thing but overhead in the lazerett with little room and a lot of heat in a cramped position is another. However Debbie got the job done and with none of the four letter fanfare I would have been spouting, at least maybe she was muttering where I could not hear it 

The cables all have labels but we did the cover also.
It is
C for center 80 watt
S for starboard 135 watt
P for port 135
And D for dodger 135 watt.
We will replace the fuses with 15 amp fudses.

Our big crimping tool.

4 awg

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