Fresh water flush all configured - 1

Beginning of August- Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay Mexico

Today I worked on the fresh water flush for our Beta 38 hp diesel  engine. It has only 422 hours on it and runs great. We want to keep it that way. The strainer I took out of the bilge and of course was too lazy to drain it first thinking I would just dump it out. No all the nasty stuff spilled into the nice clean upper bilge. It had to come pout so the engineering of the system could take place. We decided on the sea strainer for the location of the three valve bronze valve as the through hull are was too cramped to work in our use the system. 

Getting cleaned up.

So the only bit that will not get fresh water is the short hose for the through hull to the sea strainer. The sea strainer I had to flip around and re-plum it that way. They are made to be installed either way so no big deal. After a bunch of tries this seems the easiest to use and easiest to service position.

The work in progress :)

The 3 way valve is in he off position.

 So turn the valve one way and you have sea water, turn the other and you have fresh water running to the engine and turn it to the middle and you have no water.

We like to run the engine once a week or so regardless of fresh or salt water as the alternators like to be run and the seals like to be lubricated etc. Diesels just like to be run.

Of  course the plumbing needs to be finished but the hard work is done.

So now we can run the engine use fresh water all summer or any time that suits us. Hay a fresh water rinse any one :)

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