Air Breeze - inside - field repair?

July 2014- Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay Mexico

We somewhat dismantled our Air Breeze wind generator. Our thoughts were to fix it.
It has the "spin up spin down" syndrome. We were thinking of replacing the "Control Board".
 Our  Air Breeze flunked test 1 and test 2 so we decided to skip test 3 and call for support.

"Control Board" online for $240.00 USD Found it at eMarineinc.
Of course this would need be shipped to some place in the US and picked up there and brought to Mexico or most likely it will never arrive.

 The we could do the in-field-repair and be cranking again. 

 But wait there more! Debbie decided before I tore it all apart to read about it. The Air Breeze is covered by a 3 year warranty. Hmmm. So we called them. I of course opened up my big mouth and insinuated I blew the Control Board by connecting it to our new batteries wrong. They immediately said that void the warranty. Darn, I got to learn not to volunteer information. Here in Mexico that is the rule of thumb, only give what is asked for least you confuse the situation. So now I am trying to back peddle without laying to get it fixed under warranty :(
Debbie is going to the states in August for a bit and this may go with her. We returned it to it's original state.

This has a reverse thread. We used a cut off hex key (cut off Allen head wrench) to get the blade holder off.
That wrench also fits in the drill to do a pin up.

The blade holder is off now.

It all looks clean and nice so no dirt blocking the creation of electricity.

Not much to go wrong so it is probably the Control Board.

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