From Chatsworth (LA) house sit to Palm Springs house sit

Middle of September 2016 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico

We just left house sitting in Cathedral City (Palm Springs) CA.

 No humidity but it is pretty warm :) Luckily the house is modern (golf course living) with great AC.
 It is nice and cool at night and all night till about 10:00 am then it starts getting warm.

Our car.

Debbie and Peanut.

Looking out the back yard at the mountains.

A happy "Peanut" :) She likes to be touching you some were.

"Peanut" with the ball :) Come play with me!

We have never seen a dozen Hawks flying
at one time together but here they are!

The home owner "Brice" asked us to hang this picture centered this way and that so we did. Also he wanted a table cloth pad custom cut and fit so we did that also. Another item was the toilet we were using broke so we went to Home Depot and got some parts and fixed it. All went well!

We were going to sell our car here and then fly out to Mazatlán from the Palm Springs airport but we got a call from Linda in SanMarcos in San Diego who wanted us to come back for another house sit.
We decided that would work out good because of a few things.
First we thought selling the car in San Diego would be easier because there is a bigger audience and we would have a bit more time.
 Also, the weather would more-then-likely have changed from the summer high humidly to the nice winter weather in Mazatlán. Also, financially it would work out better for us. For one thing, we could fly out of TJ in Mexico so our air fare would be less.
So it looks like we will get back home the 22nd of November! Exactly six months from the time we left!
That happened before to us. We sailed out of Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay and cruised the Mexican Rivera south for six months to the day. We anchored out continually for the six months, only spending three days in a marina to do some anchor rode repair. We got back to Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay six months to the day we left!

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