Ocenside pier and beach walk

Beginning of September  2016 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlan, Mexico

We are currently house sitting in San Marcos CA. We just had to get to the ocean again so decided to take the transit systems' "Sprinter", inland cousin to the "Coaster".

The "Sprinter Station" in San Marcos.

This station is by "Palomar College".

It cost me $1.00 each way because I am old.
Debbie is a youngin so it was more for her ($2).

Debbie picking our seats. The "Sprinter" took about 40 min to get to the beach.
About all the parking at the beach is metered so we saved on that also.

Oceanside Station, where it ends.

A walk to the beach and you can see the picnic tables
where we had our picnic lunch; the Oceanside Pier is in the background.

Looking south and at the stairs we took to get down to the beach.

Out on the Oceanside Pier looking towards the beach south.

Out on the Oceanside Pier looking towards the beach south.

There is a bait shop that rents rods etc on the pier.
No fishing license required to fish off the pier.

This sail boat is coming out from Oceanside Harbor which is not always the easiest harbor to get in and out of. I have sailed there and know for a fact :)

Our selfie.

Some people fishing and looking North

Looking towards Oceanside Harbor.

Ruby's Diner to the left and heading back to shore.

Looking out at the Oceanside Pier.

And then we took the "Sprinter" home - good fun and exercise!

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