New shoes in the US

 Middle of September 2016 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlan, Mexico

 House sitting in San

 While in the US and now after getting my new hip I can now walk. And now we are doing a lot of walking. The shoes or sandals, flip flops etc both Debbie and I had from our trip down to Mexico are wearing out. It has been about four years and they were not new then. To purchase shoes in Mexico is hard for me. I take a size 11 and they just do not stock a size 11. To get that size we would need to shop at an expensive department store in Mexico like the Liverpool Department Store.
Crocs size 11 M.

 The first new pair of shoes I got was a pair of Teva sandals. They are working out good. Then we picked up a pair of Dockes fip-flops marked way down at Kohl’s . Then the other day we stopped day we stopped at Westmarine to look around and see some old friends and there were some Crocs marked way down about three times so I got two pair. I always wanted to try them and so far I am liking them. I can even wear them like clogs which I tried with other shoes, I guess clogs but could never liked them. These though, no problem.  Now there are still a couple few pairs I need.
  • A pair of sandals that protect the toes and foot for sail handling up on deck and hiking.
  • A pair of lace up sneakers for long walks and nights on watch to keep my feet warm. Yes in Mexico it does get cold out at sea doing over--night-ers.










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