Purchased a "Cable Matters" SuperSpeed USB 3.0 J45 Ethernet adapter

Beginning of November 2016 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico

 Currently at our last house sit for 2016 here in San Marcos, CAl!

 In Marina Mazatlán there is a Cruiser's lounge but it has no WiFi. Instead it has Ethernet connection in the walls. So to wire our laptop to the Ethernet connection we had to purchase an adapter because our old Acer laptop does not have a RJ45 port. But never fail, the USB port will work fine.

 It was simple and affordable enough to purchase this "Cable Matters" SuperSpeed USB 3.0 J45 Ethernet adapter. This is backwards compatible with our old USB 2.0 port and will work fine. We did get a Cat 6 cable also so if we do\when upgrade our PC to a new one with the USB 3.0...we will get the added speed, about 10 times faster.

 We usually do not hang out at the Cruiser's lounge and would prefer not to carry our heavy laptop there. However, in case we need to download something, well, we can on the laptop. We prefer our lightweight Samsung 8" tablet for this stuff but it is nice to have options and with no WiFi there at the Cruiser's lounge the tablet would not work. The Cruiser's lounge is open all night and has AC and free coffee!

We purchased this from Amazon.

We purchased this Cat 6 cable from Frys Electronics.

It has a couple LED lights to tell you if and how fast, data is moving.

This top LED is to tell you that there is power to the device.

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