Castaic, CA Lagoon. Located at the bottom of "The Grapevine".

End of June 2016 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlan, Mexico

Castaic,Lake CA Located at the bottom of "The Grapevine".
We are here in Castaic CA  staying with Debbie's sister for a short bit while I get a new hip. 
 We went to the lake the other day, missing the water and did some water sports - Debbie did paddle boarding for the first time and we rode the aquatic bicycle and did some kayak. The Castaic Lake State Recreation Area has all Ocean Kayak Malibu Two's so we were quite comfortable with those. This is a FREE event every Wednesday evening through the summer to promote the aquatic center.

Some of the staff helping out, everyone is really nice.

This man is getting a lesson on how-to-right the kayak.

They also had a few of these "Hawaiian" type of canoes.

We are actually on the lagoon as the lake is above
 the dam which is in the background.

Debbie on the aquatic bicycle.

Here I have my Official "s\v Pied-a-Mer II" hat on which is a Seawind catamaran and this is a catamaran of sorts :)

This is Debbie on the aquatic bicycle and I am pretending 
to be Huell Howser on  "California's Gold" a TV program 
about interesting places in California.

Debbie way out there on a paddle board for the first time. 
She did not even get wet!

Debbie on her way back on the paddle board.

Debbie on her way back on the paddle board.

Here I should have said Huell Howser instead I said Hugh Hefner?

We washed up and then headed out for dinner. 

Castaic is a truck stop town just before the "Grapevine" with many 
18-wheel friendly stops to eat and fuel up. This is the one we chose to eat at 
for dinner this time.

The menu.

Debbie ordering us some food...we just beat the rush.

"Country Girl Saloon" is the local bar and a favorite "Harley Davidson" MC stop 
and truckers place. It is next to the taco truck (roach coach) we stopped at.

I got my first Carne asada burrito since arriving in the US!

Debbie got a quesadilla.

My burrito was yummy!

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