Anchored in Santiago at new years 2016

Middle of January 2016 - anchored in Santiago - Manzanillo - state of Colima

These pictures were taken during new years week and all of Mexico is on vacation at that time so it, the beach, is way crowded! This area is at the NW end of Santiago beach.

The fire works were great. We could see them at a dozen different locations around Manzanillo at New Years eve from where we were anchored.



We find Santiago to be a lot like Isla Grande at Ixtapa, Mexico and we really liked anchoring there!

Santiago has a festive vibe to it with lots of locals and good fun. Lots of Ramada's (restaurants with mediocre WiFi) to choose from. You can bring your own food and drinks if you like and they supply the tables and shade. The kids love playing in the sand and there are boat tours and snorkeling the wreck and of course jet ski rentals. There is the lagoon to explore as we did with the kayak. Next we will go up with our dinghy. It is quiet at night and nice breezes. The water is really  clear and warm.

Phil from s\v Manasea.

s\v Manasea is a wood trimaran. He assisted us with our kayak landing. It was a busy spot with banana boats taking off and pangas coming in stern-to for picking up tourists for the tours and snorkeling. 

The Navy was around and some life guards.

Here is a grill used by a local who later cooked up carne asada and chicken (pollo) and three kinds of hot peppers and onions for his family at a table near by.

s\v Elegant'sea

s\v Manasea

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