Picked up a mooring ball in Puerto Escondido - 2024

   OK, we are now moored at Puerto Escondido which means we are on a mooring ball. Only other time we were on a mooring ball was in Acapulco (nine years ago) which was for about a week. The Port Captain had kicked us out of our anchoring spot after two weeks of being there but that is another mooring ball story.

Agua Verde: walk about and a resterant ect 2024

Debbie and I did the walk around the rocks from the main beach to the beach on the North end of the anchorage. We dinghied into the new restaurant "Puerto Bellow Resterant" at low tide which was about 8:00 am. and started our walk figuring we would have breakfast after the walk.

Agua Verde - Faro San Marcia Restaurant 2024

 We went to the third restaurant on-shore on Wednesday, Faro San Marcia Restaurant. A simple place and a nice view of the bay. A one-woman show!

New feet for the EU2000I generator - 2024

Time to bring out the Honda EU2000I generator and fire it up. First, I wanted to put four new feet on it and so after the first new three feet went fine. The fourth one came off fine but the bracket that holds it on fell off into the generator on the back side so I cannot get at.

Agua Verde dinghy tow and anchorage info - 2024

Damsels in distress!

We came to the rescue of two people in a dinghy - their engine failed so they were rowing against the wind. I noticed them as I was at the helm of our outboard - we were going to check out the anchorage in the North corner. They were very grateful!!

Agua Verde: Second restaurant for lunch 2024

 We tried the second restaurant on shore for lunch at Agua Verde. Again, no vegetarian offerings for Debbie. We both had shrimp tacos - and plenty of shrimp in the tacos. The staff was very friendly and the atmosphere quite comfortable!!

Agua Verde passage and arrival - 2024

We are anchored at Agua Verde in the Sea of Cortez. It was about a three-and-a-half-hour passage, a motor sail from Los Gatos (Agua Verde translates to "green water").

San Everisto walkabout May 2024

Two room schoolhouse.
 Took a walk/hike to find the school as we had bought some school supplies to donate. We found the elementary school, but it was closed (Mexican Labor Day). 

San Everisto - Restaurant Lupe Sierra's and Maggie May 2024

 We read/heard about the restaurant - Restaurant Lupe Sierra's and Maggie May - on-shore in San Evaristo (where we are now anchored) so we went in. We picked up Buzz, crew/friend of Joe on s/v Sherpa, in the dinghy while Joe and Bill kayaked in.

San Evaristo: Anchored - south side 2024

And now we are anchored at San Evaristo South side because supposedly some southerly and SW winds tonight and this will afford us protection.

Playa Bonanza on Espiritu Santo: Anchored - 2024

 And now we are anchored at Playa Bonanza on Espiritu Santo which is the first big island out of La Paz. We are here because there is supposed to be some westerly winds tonight and this will afford us some protection. Tomorrow we'll be off again.

Marina Costa Baja pool day - 2024

Yep, got my new goggles on! Went to the pool again at the Marina day before yesterday and probably for the last time for a while, today. We are shoving off for a six week to two months sail up into the Sea of Cortez on Sunday, tomorrow.

Binical repair for rubbing linkage. 2024

 We were getting ready to back out of our slip on April 21, 2024 (Sunday morning), warming up our Beta 38hp engine and I was turning the wheel. Debbie and I were hearing a clunking sound as we turned the wheel to port. That, we decided,,was not good and needed further investigation. So scrap plans for going cruising in the Sea of Cortez for a couple months or so and instead take apart the binnical for investigating the issue. 
Come to find out it is part of the cable linkage on the shifter cable not clearing the chain that the wheel turns to steer the boat. The chain was clipping the cast arm that holds the cable.

Spectra watermaker Ventura 200T was giving us grief 2024

In the dock cart.
 Our Spectra watermaker Ventura 200T was giving us grief when Debbie unpicked it. We tried the tricks we knew but to no avail. It would cut out at 125 psi. Something was stuck. We took it to The Watermaker Store and had them repair it. 

Pool time at our marina at Costa Baja La Paz 2024

 Today after finishing up a couple projects Debbie and I went to the Hotel Indigo @ Puerta Cort├ęs Pool in La Paz (at our marina, Marina Costa Baja) and had Club sandwich, fries and Diet Cokes for lunch with some swims in the nice pool and card games. There also is a Starbuck's at the pool and we had vanilla cream frapachino. Not our first time at the pool it is always nice. 

Hot water heater blow out - 2024

 Our Seaward F600 hot water heater blew out and was leaking water badly. We installed it in 2012 so about 11 years old. It may have been leaking for some time as our freshwater pump seemed to be losing pressure at times and we never could figure out what the cause was.

NoCry Professional Gel Knee Pads purchased - 2024

NoCry Professional Gel Knee Pads for Work with Soft Foam and Gel Cushion — Heavy Duty Cap, Adjustable Straps & Military Grade Rivets — Perfect Construction Knee Pads for Men or Knee Pads for Women
 While in the US I purchased these knee pads to replace the ones i have as they do not slip and are nicer. Thess should work great up on deck and all around the boat.
Purchased from Amazon.

Purchased new SmartPlug for our shore power connection - 2024

 Purchased a SmartPlug for our shore power needs. This setup will automatically shut the shore power off if the temperature gets to 200 f which is about where the wire insulation melts. That will prevent a fire.
 We did have a problem with our shore power connection, and it almost caught fire. Luckly I was onboard and was able to unplug it but not before it sustained burn damage This was during a storm and the connection worked loose.
 We will install this in the next couple months while we are at anchor and not using our shore power cable.
 Also the plug at the end of the chord that goes into the dock box is a bit corroded so we will replace it with the new plug and watertight jacket.
 Purchased this all from San Diego Marine Exchange.

Tested the Jabsco Hydro Air bilge pump sensor today - 2024

  We have gotten our new Jabsco Hydro Air bilge pump sensor installed. This sensor will turn on our Whale Gulper bilge pump. It works on air pressure. When one inch of water gets in the bilge the Whale Gulper will go off. It is our everyday bilge pump. We ran a test today by putting the garden hose into the bilge and adding water. It seems it was more than an inch of water but not by much and it did start the Whale Gulper and shut it off when the water got low. So a good test! We also test the other bilge pumps and alarm and all are working fine!