Tested Icom m802 with SRW meter, fine new backstay connection- 2023

Lately we have been doing some radio work. We tested our VHF with a SWR meter, and it seems fine on both sides of the antenna splitter.

Icom M-802 is now working with stand-alone GPS - 2023

We have our GPS antenna connected to our Icom M802 SSB radio and are getting time, longitude and latitude data! This means to us that we can press the emergency red button (like on the VHF) and send an emergency call around the globe with our position. Also, our Icom radio is now a standalone system, no longer dependent on the VHF or backbone network for the position data!

New replacement shackle for bridal etc. in Manzanillo - 2023

Yesterday we went to Manzanillo and also "La Casa Del Pescador" a chandlery in Santiago

. We picked up a new stainless-steel shackle to replace the one that got lost from our bridle (well the pin did). Also, purchased some floaty line and some stainless-steel polish.

We went to the "Mayor's Raft up" last night - 2022

 We went to the "Mayor's Raft up" last night for fun and some great food. Surprised at some of the food, being these boats are at anchor. Pizza, spring rolls, yummy desserts etc! There were eleven or so dinghy's there and a drone of course. In a few weeks you can probably triple that number.

Finished off our Spectra 200T water make rebuild -2022

Today we did some more Spectra Ventura 200T Watermaker work.
This was leak prevention at the end of the membrane and the "J" tube that was leaking at the bottom of the Clark pump on the right piston. That one of course is hard to get at so it has to all come appart. That is, we pull the membrane from the Clark pump and then turn the Clark pump upside down and remove the mounting plate etc. The membrane end we removed along with the plugs and fitting then replaced two "O" rings. 
s/v Elegant'sea ⛵ Chip & Debbie  💑  in Marina Puerto de la Navidad(Barra Marina) 

 ⛱  Pacific Mexico 
  We spent another many hours and came away with one very slow drip at a different spot. We can take that as a win. We would really need to buy new piping as we have the ferrules and end caps but purchasing the piping and getting it here for one small drip is not what we care to do. The water maker is running like a champ and making great water!
 So no serious leaking and one very slow drip. 
The water maker is under our settee and is a lot quieter once we put the covers on then the cushions (plus the conditioner is running because it's quite warm here with quite a bit of humidity - not complaining compared to the extreme weather in other parts of the World.)
We really needed this win!!

Mexican train in Barra - 2022

A fun game of Mexican Train Dominoes with Danny and Deborah on s/v Cyclades. First, we ate a delicious lunch at the Grand Bay Resort then we played. Deborah and Danny kicked our butts, yet fun was had by all!!
s/v Elegant'sea ⛵ Chip & Debbie 💑 in Barra de Navidad, Isla Navidad Marina ⛱ Pacific Mexico 🇲🇽 December 12-2022

Cleaning chain\bridal etc in Bara de Navidad - 2022

Checking, cleaning and re-mousing the CQR anchor swivel

on a shackle.! It will be in use soon!

Debbie is taking her shot at repairing the toilet - 2022

Debbie took on the  VacuFlush 5000 series VacuFlush toilet repair today (fresh eyes). We are trying to purchase a new base for the toilet, as this one (we think) is shot. It has served us for 14 years but now seems to be worn out. 

Opequimar boat yard to deliver a gift - 2022

One of our errands today was to run by Opequimar boat yard to deliver a gift to Coral (she collects Minion Legos and we picked up a kit for her while we were in the USA). While we were there I asked if they had any XL shirts....so I was able to score a shirt after years of trying off and on to get a XL. They always seem to have the small or large but not the XL but this time was a charm! They also gave us a couple of hats and a bag to carry the schwag in!

New cockpit cushions - 2022

 Our new cockpit cushions came yesterday. On time and on budget! Probably a first for many years now. We worked with Tapiceria Sandoval (aka Emmanuel) - Alder and Vidal. We had them made thicker and they seem comfy.

Crack in VacuFlush 5149 toilet base - fixed - 2022

Our leak is not with our J Series Vacuum Tank (Dometic Sealand J Series Vacuum Generator) anymore. While fixing that I replaced the hose from the VacuFlush 5149 series toilet to the vacuum tank. I think the base of the toilet cracked while I was replacing the hose.

Spectra water maker cracked membrane end cap - 2022

Yesterday we took out the Spectra Ventura Watermaker 200T Deluxe and had to separate the membrane from the Clark pump. Then we removed the high-pressure stainless-steel tubing and checked the fittings etc for reason they were mostly (3 of four) leaking.

Starlink delivered - 2022

Came back to our boat to find Starlink was delivered a couple days early, that was fast! It is now up -and-running. 

Achilles LSI-310E Dinghy chaps serviced for season - 2022

 Debbie is sewing some wear spots on the Achilles LSI-310E chaps she made many years ago now. They take a beating while cruising and usually require a little touching up each year. Debbie keeps the Sunbrella chaps doing their job!

New work light - 2022

It has been a while since I last had a work light I have liked. A fellow came over to our boat the other day with one of these "NileBoom LED Work Light" "Flashlight-work-multi-tool Work Light" rechargeable usb foldable- Ratable light. It has a flashlight and a strip light. It has a ton of configurations and is compact.

Seasonal chap work for dinghy - 2022

Debbie is sewing some wear spots on the Achilles LSI-310E dinghy chaps she made many years ago now. They take a beating while cruising and usually require a little touching up each year. Debbie keeps the Sunbrella chaps doing their job!

Car ac repaired in Buce Bucerias - 2022

 Debbie and I stopped for some morning street tacos while we waited in Bucerius near the car a/c shop a day or so ago. I am the blue man.

Achilles LSI-310E dnghy recommissioning, inflated etc - 2022

Debbie and I inflated our Achilles LSI-310E dinghy after it has been in storage for hurricane season + and it is still looking great! Our Achilles LSI-310E dinghy is over 12 years old and still looking new and so is our outboard.